10 YEARS OF AGTUBE is an AGTube Mashup by glasshandeddolls compiling popular videos from the 2010s decade. It was premiered on December 31, 2019.

AGTubers Included[edit | edit source]

stephenswodadancer (You Belong With Me)
Anttonina (Fireflies AGMV)
xmollygirlx (STOPMOTION: The Little Mermaid)
mixiepixie7 (Samantha’s tea party REMADE)
AGlovejess (Don't Rain On My Parade AGMV)
kristen p (american girl doll drunk driving video)
Simspinkable (The Box!)
AmericanGirl077 (Lanie's First Day of School)
basilmentos (What happens when you're at school)
7cutekitten7 (Introducing... LANIE! (AGSM))
AGmagical13 (Whip My Hair American Girl Doll Music Video Spoof)
girloftheyearstudios (Music In Me S1E9)
unodosginger (An American Girl Doll Christmas)
Agpals (Agpals favorite song mashup!)
AmericanGirl077 (A Thousand Miles - an AGMV)
Multimadnessgirl (Friday AGMV Spoof)
unodosginger (Marisol Loves to Dance)
girloftheyearstudios (The Palace Wall S1E1)
Simspinkable (Good Life~ AGMV)
WorldofAGstudios (Kanani's first day on the job!!
4evragz (Notorious Kylie S1E1)
AmericanGirl077 (Schools Out! AGSM)
lumixg (Mean- an AGMV)
atomicbetty334 (Leah Chat S1E1)
ktcontagious (Put Your Records On)
AGmagical13 (Cyberbully)
girloftheyearstudios (The Curse Of The Vengeful Sister)
stephenswodadancer (Deck The Rooftop)
basilmentos (Eva's Hair Salon)
AmericanGirl088 (Meet Santa Claus! AGSM)
Anttonina (Best Toddlers and Tiaras moments reenacted)
starryeyeschick (Unwritten)
basilmentos (LOST)

AmericanGirl077 (The Camping Trip)
WorldofAGstudios (Marchin On)
7cutekitten7 (The Walker Girls S1E1)
HeartAG (A Thousand Years)
AGmagical13 (Spy High S1E1)
unodosginger (Emma’s Pioneer Life S1E1)
starryeyeschick (Shopping Trip)
Akeelah1998 (Babysitting a WITCH)
ilovesabie (The Sleepover)
basilmentos (Supergirls)
ktcontagious (Burning Summers!)
AGhellokitty (Do You Believe In Ghosts? S1E1)
Agpals (Poolparty!)
girloftheyearstudios (Kenna's Olympic Dream)
AmericanGirl088 (The Fence)
Anttonina (Logan and Stephanie's Day at the Beach)
SuperAG101 (Mean Girls)
FiveDollStars (Crystal's Morning!)

AmericanGirl077 (Little Adventurers)
AGfan98 (Why McKenna Doesn't Like Saige)
WorldofAGstudios (Saige’s First Day Home)
AGmagical13 (The Girls S1E1)
FiveDollStars (No School?!?!)
ilovesabie (The Camping Trip!)
HeartAG (Dolls Gone Wild!)
AmericanGirl088 (Reece’s Rainy Day)
justsmilestudios (Garage Sale)
Akeelah1998 (GLITZ, CHAOS, & DRAMA QUEENS!!!
RandomRoses11 (Take a Walk)
Anttonina (McKenna Meets Saige)
basilmentos (Midsummer Magic)
UrbanChickenStudios (The Mall of AG)
ktcontagious (Curious Bailey)
AGSmiless (Aspen Heights S1E1)
WackyWafflez (Getting Ready For School)
mixiepixie7 (DANCE MOMS)
rockstar13studios (THE LIBRARY)

pupukeagirl (Toddlers & Tiaras AG Style)
sparkfireproductions (Complicated)
[[AgDollLoverAlex (April Fools Part 1)
WorldofAGstudios (A Quick Pick Up!)
Agpals (A Day in the Life of A Common White Girl)
☆White Fox Stopmotion☆ (Amber's Gymnastics Vlog!)
DarlingDollies (Cool Kids
rockstar13studios (A DAY IN THE DOLLHOUSE]]
agwebkinz010 (Bath Time Mess!)
americangirl1120 (Plot Twist S1E1)
UrbanChickenStudios (The Endless Summer)
Simspinkable (Stomach Tied In Knots.)
RoyalWhiteCub (Cool Kids)
AGSmiless (Realm of Arragara S1E1)
Laughternoons (The Gymnastics Showdown!!)
girloftheyearstudios (Sisters In Black S1E1)
basilmentos (Julia is obsessed with Rainbow Loom!)
[[PolkadotAG (Try

fluffyunicorn studios (Lips Are Movin'
atomicbetty334 (ELASTIC HEART)
sparkfireproductions (Afterlife)
AGSmiless (19 Dolls and Counting S1E1)
PolkadotAG (A Thousand Years)
Agbellissimo (True Friends)
rockstar13studios (BACK TO NORMAL?)
DubaiDollGirl (Literally My Life)
LightsCameraAGz (Julie's Morning Routine)
basilmentos (Lost Dog!)
Laughternoons (Briar Towne)
WackyWafflez (Pool Party)
TheAG11Studios (The Escape Artists S1E1)
Bonjour dollies (Old Love)
landycandstudios (The Amusement Park Adventure)
☆White Fox Stopmotion☆ (Blair Meets the Family)
DarlingDollies (Sleepover!)
InfinityAGStudios (Stuck In The 50's!)
FiveDollStars (Goodbye Summer... Hello Fall!)
AGCousinsStudios (Manhattan Memories S1E1)

Agbellissimo (Too Much Homework)
agbrownies (Pixie Place S1E1)
DubaiDollGirl (The story of Nellie's leg)
☆White Fox Stopmotion☆ (Lydia's Death)
ilovesabie (Forbidden Love)
[[Mixie[ixie7|mixiepixie7]] (Lost Boy)
AgDollLoverAlex (The Messy Room)
InfinityAGStudios (The Morning After I Killed Myself]]
DarlingDollies (Summer Expectations VS Reality!)
Lovelivautum (Scars To Your Beautiful (Lovelivautum)|Scars To Your Beautiful)
C&C Productions (FAMOUS!)
AGsisters 28 (Popular)
AgSunshineDollies (Discovery)
[[Rainbow Lollipop Productions (The Living Project)
AGSmiless (Elena)
basilmentos (Mermaid Cove)
rockstar13studios (Wildwood)
BlossomAG (Oldest)
FiveDollStars (GOTY 2017 Clue #3)
AGLovePug (Under The Bed)
CameraCuties (Braces)

AgSunshineDollies (The new girl)
CameraCuties (Snowed In?)
Agbuddies2 (Genuine)
AGSmiless (The Boy In Between)
windblowndolls (Freaks)
justsmilestudios (Too Good To Be True)
agbrownies (Ballerina)
agloviesparkles (13 Types of Students In School)
mixiepixie7 (Take A Brain Break)
Emerald AG (Who Is Rae Payson?)
☆White Fox Stopmotion☆ (Lydia Tries Gymnastics)
4HappyHippos (Up A Tree!)
InfinityAGStudios (DARE ME?)
FiveDollStars (Thrift Shopping!)
Rainbow Lollipop Productions (The Boyfriend Complex)
Abby Dolls (Slime Day)
ag laughter (How Far I’ll Go)
AGsisters 28 (Tori Tries To Impress)
AG Spirit Studios (Change of Perspective)
basilmentos (Lost Princess S1E4]]
TheAG11Studios (The Escape Artists S6E7)
ag 4allages (Porphyra the Musical)

CameraCuties (The Haircut Horror!)
unodosginger (No Electricity)
TheAG11Studios (SOMNIA S1E1)
4HappyHippos (The Big Deal Sleepover)
TheAGStudios380 (It's Kind of a Long Story...)
[[Americangirlmegan11|americangirlmegan11 (Beyond Us S1E1)
thedollsintherain (The New Girl!)
AGsisters 28 (Welcome Gabby)
AG Spirit Studios (Ideas!)
Emerald AG (The Sugar Detox)
SummerSmilesAG (Lost)
FiveDollStars (Snow Day!)
☆White Fox Stopmotion☆ (Gracie Dyes Her Hair)
rockstar13studios (ELOISE RULES - DRESS CODES)
WorldofAGstudios (Saige & Levi’s Adventure)
BlueFlowerAGstudios (Emily)
ParisWondersAG (Beautiful The Way You Are)
AGJitters (Here's to 2019!)

basilmentos (The Allergic Reaction)
AGJitters (Crush Culture)
AG Spirit Studios (Fun in the Snow!)
ParisWondersAG (Be You)
mixiepixie7 (Prom)
VioletDollies (Try)
thedollsintherain (Dying To Be Thin)
TheAGstudios380 (SWEET 16!)
AGsmiless (Counting On S1E1)
AGWorld Sprinkles (The Thing About Jellyfish)
Emerald AG (Test Subject #33 S1E1)
☆White Fox Stopmotion☆ (LYDIA GOES BOWLING!)
TheAG11Studios (SOMNIA S4E10)
boymeetsdolls (Queen of Mean)
rockstar13studios (ELOISE RULES - 12 YEAR OLDS NOW vs 2012)
VioletDollies (The Gift)
mixiepixie7 (Christmas Sisters)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike other AGTube Mashups created by glasshandeddolls, the videos in this are arranged in chronological order, as the mashup is a reflection on 10 years of AGTube history.
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