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AGBornToBe is an AGTube channel owned by Polla. She created her channel on January 7, 2013, and has over 420 subscribers. She made mainly AGMV and AGPS videos, and was a contestant on MissAGDPageant. She initially created a collab channel, AmericanGirlNoitall, with her friend AGKiwis, but they focused mainly on their own channels after creating them in 2013.


  1. Emily Bennett (Historical)
  2. Molly McIntire (Historical)
  3. Marie-Grace "Gracie" Gardner (Historical)
  4. Kailey Odiva (MAG #24)
  5. McKenna Brooks (GOTY 2012)
  6. Sydney (MAG #41)
  7. Blake Emerson (Custom JLY #3)


  • She is Canadian.