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AGJitters is an AGTube channel created by Andrea. She has over 4,000 subscribers and created her channel on June 27, 2016. She posts mainly AGSMs and AGMVs.


Her Dolls[]

  1. Andrea (JLY #4)
  2. Lanie Beau Holland (GOTY 2010)
  3. Mia Hazel St. Clair (GOTY 2008)
  4. Ruthie Luna Jackson (Historical)
  5. Clark Stephen Dahl (Renamed Logan)
  6. Adelaide Celeste Walker (Renamed Addy)
  7. Nora Morales (TM #62)
  8. Wendell Lee (Custom boy doll)
  9. Marline Tyler (Our Generation boy doll)
  10. Emerson (WellieWisher)

Her Sister's Dolls[]

  1. Sophia (JLY 25)
  2. Julie Olive Albright (Historical)
  3. Avery Margaret Lopez (JLY 39)
  4. Saige Ella Copeland (GOTY 2013)


HUG! an AG Short Movie (2017)

Here's to 2019! (2018)

Jasmine & Phoebe (2020)


  • She won AGNDM Cycle 1 with her doll Adelaide.
  • Her favorite TV shows include Amazing Race and The Flash.
  • Her username is based on the fictional coffee shop "CC Jitters" from The Flash TV series.
  • She likes K-Pop, and is a fan of NCT, Day6, SuperM, BTS, The Boyz, and WayV.
  • She also likes musical theatre.
  • She met Catie Turner, who then saw her video recreation of "21st Century Machine" and followed her on Instagram.
  • She met fellow AGNDM contestant agbrownies in July 2018.
  • She won the award for Best Overall in the 2018 Sophie Awards.
  • She met AllycatlovesAG in June 2019. They make music covers together and were both on AGNDM Cycle 1.
  • She was once again nominated to the top five in the 2020 Sophie Awards, this time in the Best Photography category.