AGMusicProductions is an AGTube channel owned by Mara. She created her channel on March 5th, 2016, and has over 330 subscribers. She makes mainly AGSMs, AGMVs, and AGLVs. She mainly uses her dolls in her videos, but she also uses her friend's dolls sometimes.

Dolls Edit

Mara's Dolls Edit

  • Carol Marissa Hopkins (MAG 39)
  • Kailey June Hopkins (GOTY 2003)
  • Zoe Nicole Linden (Karito Kids Doll)
  • Nellie Jane O'Malley (Historical)
  • Caroline Elizabeth Abbott (Custom)
  • Emilia Grace Clark (GOTY 2016)
  • Ciara Amelia O'Malley (TM 61)
  • Kanani Hailee Akina (GOTY 2011)
  • Harper Lydia Blalocke (Custom)
  • Penelope Evelyn Brooks (TM 67)
  • Kiara Ivy Ling (Renamed Ivy)
  • Estella Luna Nygaard (Custom)
  • Luciana Maribel Vega (GOTY 2016)

Mara's Friend's Dolls Edit

  • Lanie Bella Holland (GOTY 2010)
  • Felicity Merriman (Historical)
  • Kaya'aton'my (Historical)
  • Harmony Farah Song (MAG 30)
  • Stella Blalocke (MAG 33)

Series Edit

DOLL DETECTIVES! (August 2, 2016 - August 14, 2016)

The AGMusic Awards (June 2018 - Present)

Trivia Edit

  • She created her AG blog to post videos on in April 2013.
  • She was inspired by AmericanGirl077 to create her YouTube channel.
  • She discovered AGTube in 2012, and has been making videos since then; however, many of those videos were not posted, as she did not start her channel until March 2016.
  • On June 13th, 2017, she renamed her channel "DollsInHarmony," but changed it back on June 15th, 2017.
  • Her channel's original name was "AGMusic Productions."

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