The AGMusic Awards is an awards ceremony created by AGMusicProductions. The show is run by Mara's doll Harper Lydia Blalocke. The show was created to help smaller AGTubers, and to offer some different categories than other awards shows.

History Edit

On May 20, 2018, AGMusicProductions posted a video titled "The AGMusic Awards." This video announced the first ceremony, the rules, and the categories. About a week later, a video with information about voting for the top 5-7 nominees with the most votes in each category was posted. The voting closed a few days later, and the video was uploaded on June 9, 2018.

Ceremonies Edit

2018: June 9, 2018

Winners Edit

2018 Edit

Best AGSMs: AGJitters

Best AGMVs: PurpleDachshundAG

Funniest Videos: BlueFlowerAGstudios

Best Photography: ParisWondersAG

Most Creative Videos: Simply Kawaii AG

Best Series: TheAG11Studios

Best Overall: TimeMachinePlease

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