An AGSM Movie is a popular stop motion video format, typically at least 10 minutes long. (Mini-movies tend to be 5-9 minutes long). AGSM movies typically feature the dolls as "actors" playing different characters.

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  • In Old AGTube, AGSM movies were typically 10-15 minutes long. The average length has since increased over time, with several AGTubers making movies over 20 minutes long.
  • Best Summer Movie became a category in the 2017 Sophie Awards, pushing AGTubers to create more creative summer movies, and allowing them to get recognition.
  • AGSM movies are typically filmed during the summer, hence the popularity of "Summer Movies". Winter movies, such as holiday films, are also common. The popularity of these two sub-categories of AGSM movie is due to the fact that most AGTubers have breaks from school during those times, allowing them more time to film and work on videos.
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