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AGSM Studios is an AGTube channel. She created her channel on September 2, 2018, and chooses to keep her subscriber count private.  


Lea Clark (GOTY 2016) 
 Elizabeth Cole (Historical Best Friend)

 Paige Coleson (TM 52)

 Kaylee Vega (Renamed Journey Girls Doll)
 Camille Cole (Wellie Wisher)

 Noelle Anderson (TM 55)

 Isabelle Palmer (GOTY 2014)

 Ally Winters (Custom Sea World Doll)

 Maryellen Larkin (BeForever)

 Austin Winters (Renamed Our Generation Doll)

 Blakely Vega (MAG 29)

 Felicity Merriman (Historical)

 Skylar Coleman (Renamed Our Generation Doll)

 Luciana Vega (GOTY 2018)

 Molly McIntire (Historical)

 Samantha Parkington (Historical)

 Mia St. Clair (GOTY 2008)

 Kit Kitteridge (Historical)

 Emerson Yang (Wellie Wisher)

 Harper Carson (Renamed Our Generation Doll)

 Z Yang (Contemporary Character)

 Melody Ellison (BeForever)

 Grace Thomas (GOTY 2015)

 Liberty Rae Parkington (Custom)

 Lexi Coleson (TM 51)

 Avery Taylor (Laura Ashley Doll)

 McKenna Brooks (GOTY 2012)

 Scarlett Jade (TM 61)

 Wendy Lilywood (Renamed Our Generation Doll)

 Blaire Wilson (GOTY 2019)

 Logan Everett (Contemporary Character)

 Lanie Holland (GOTY 2010)

 Marie Grace Gardener (Historical Doll)

 Julie Albright (Historical Doll)

 Jess McConnell (GOTY 2006)

 Chrissa Maxwell (GOTY 2009)

 Tenney Grant (Contemporary Character)

 Lily Grey (TM 23)

 Saige Copeland (GOTY 2013)

 Gabriela McBride (GOTY 2017)

 Kailey Hopkins (GOTY 2003)

 Kanani Akina (GOTY 2011)

 Caroline Abbott (Historical)

 Rebecca Rubin (Historical)

Nenea Mitchell (Historical)

Coral White (TM 21)

Megan Woods (CYO)


  • She started collecting AG dolls in the summer of 2016.
  • She is planning on never doing a face reveal.
  • She has set her YouTube audience as made for kids.
  • She has a dog named Carly.
  • She typically uploads on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.