AGSM Studios is an AGTube channel. She created her channel on September 2, 2018. She makes mainly AGSMs and AGMVs. 


Dolls In The Family Edit

Lea Clark (GOTY 2016)  

Elizabeth Cole (best friend doll) goes by Lizzie:)

Paige Coleson (Truly Me 52)

Natalie Anderson (Truly Me 55) goes by Nat:)

Isabelle Palmer (GOTY 2014) goes by Izzy:)

Maryellen "Ellie" Larkin (BeForever)

Bridget Vega (MAG 29)

Felicity Merriman (Historical)

Luciana "Luci" Vega (GOTY 2018)

Molly McIntire (Historical)

Samantha "Sam" Parkington (Historical)

Mia St. Clair (GOTY 2008)

Margaret "Kit" Kitteridge (Historical)

Zara "Z" Yang (Contemporary Character)

Melody "Mel" Ellison (BeForever)

Grace Thomas (GOTY 2015)

Jasmine "Jaz" Ellison (TM 47)

Liberty "Libby/Raesy" Rae Parkington (Custom)

Gretchenn Coleson (TM 51)

Not In Family Edit

Kaylee "Kay" Vega (renamed Kyla journey girls doll) goes by Kay:)

Camille "Cami" Cole (Wellie Wisher)

Allison "Aly" Winters (Sea World Doll)

Austin "Austy" Winters (OG Boy Doll)

Skylar "Sky" Coleman (OG Doll)

Emerson "Em" Yang (Wellie Wisher)

Harper "Harp" Coleman (OG Doll)

About Edit

  • She started collecting AG dolls in the summer of 2016.
  • She has over 200 videos on her channel.
  • She does not write scripts for her videos.
  • She discovered AGTube before she discovered AG dolls.
  • She is planning on never doing a face reveal.
  • She has a obsession with Kim Possible
  • She has 2 doll couples

Links Edit