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Alexis AGSmiless is a youtuber known for her doll series Aspen Heights. She also made the popular series The Realm of Aragarra.

Her dolls:

Alexandra Kirsten grey ( aka aly) number 13 received : 25th December 2006 birthday: 21st December

Josephine Theresa Montoya ( aka Josie ) historical doll received : 1st of June 2006 birthday: January 6th

Mia annabelle st.clair GOTY: ( girl of the year ) 2008 received : 20th October 2008 birthday: October 17th

Georgia Samantha parkington ( aka Georgie ) pre retired historical received: May 15 2009 birthday : May 15th

Julie June Albright historical received: 23rd of April 2010 birthday: february 22nd

Felicity arrah merriman historical doll received : 25th december 2010 birthday: April 8th

Elizabeth jaddaline cole ( aka Beth) historical BFF doll received: 25th December 2010 birthday: April 9th

Emma Allison akina # 43 received: 13th February 2011 birthday: February 12th ( sisters with Jenna Akina)

Marisol Nina Luna ( aka nina ) GOTY: 2005 received: 22nd July 2011 birthday: July 22nd ( has an eye issue)

Jenna Vitoria- grace Akina GOTY: 2011 received: 10th october 2011 birthday: October 10th ( sisters with Emma)

Nathan caden Coleman ( first boy doll/ customised ) received: unknown birthday: September 21st ( aka Nate )

Zoe Olivia flemming ( was Nikki) GOTY 2007 received: 23rd of October 2012 birthday: 1st of november

Seth William Harrison /custom boy doll received: 5th of March 2014 birthday: 5th march

Arden daniela woods historical ivy ling received: 14th of October 2014 birthday: August 11th

Perry Quinn palmer GOTY 2014 received: 21st of october 2014 birthday: 23rd of October

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