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Alexis AGSmiless is a youtuber known for her doll series Aspen Heights. She also made the popular series The Realm of Aragarra.

Her dolls:

Alexandra Kristen Gray (custom MAG 13 with MAG 28 wig)

Josefina Theresa Montoya (Historical)

Mia Annabelle StClair (GOTY 2008)

Georgia Samantha Parkington (Renamed Samantha; Historical)

Charlie June Albright (Renamed Julie; Historical)

Felicity Arrah Merriman (Historical)

Elizabeth Jaddeline Cole (Historical)

Emma Allison Akina (MAG 43)

Marisol Nina Luna (GOTY 2005)

Jenna Victoria-Grace Akina (Renamed Kananni; GOTY 2011)

Nathan Caden Coleman (Premattle Kirsten Doll with a Monique wig)

Zoe Olivia Flemming (Renamed Nicki; GOTY 2007)

Seth William Harrison (Custom MAG 23 with Molly's eyes and eBay wig)

Arden Daniela Woods (Renamed Ivy; Historical)

Perry Quinn Palmer (Renamed Isabelle; GOTY 2014)

Eli Jackson Thomas (Custom Felicity with eBay wig)

Kira Grace Thomas (Renamed Grace; GOTY 2015)

Marley Cecila Copeland (Custom Saige with hazel eyes; GOTY 2013)

Belle Winters (Custom Caroline with MAG 28's eyes, and girl wig from eBay)

Weston Zachary Stark (Custom MAG 23 with Caroline's eyes and wig from eBay)

Wyatt (custom Marie-Grace with brown eyes and wig from eBay)