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Alexis AGSmiless is a youtuber known for her doll series Aspen Heights. She also made the popular series The Realm of Aragarra.

Her dolls:

Alexandra Kristen Gray (MAG 13)

Josefina Theresa Montoya (Historical)

Mia Annabelle StClair (GOTY 2008)

Georgia Samantha Parkington (Renamed Samantha; Historical)

Charlie June Albright (Renamed Julie; Historical)

Felicity Arrah Merriman (Historical)

Elizabeth Jaddeline Cole (Historical)

Emma Allison Akina (MAG 43)

Marisol Nina Luna (GOTY 2005)

Jenna Victoria-Grace Akina (Renamed Kananni; GOTY 2011)

Nathan Caden Coleman (Premattle Kirsten Doll with a Monique wig)

Zoe Olivia Flemming (Renamed Nicki; GOTY 2007)

Seth William Harrison (Custom MAG 23 with Molly's eyes)

Arden Daniela Woods (Renamed Ivy; Historical)

Perry Quinn Palmer (Renamed Isabelle; GOTY 2014)