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AGSmiless is an AGTube channel owned by Alexis. She created her channel on June 23, 2012, and has over 53,500 subscribers. She is known for making series such as "Aspen Heights" and "The Realm of Arragara."


  1. Alexandra "Aly" Kristen Gray (Custom JLY 13)
  2. Josefina "Josie" Theresa Montoya (Historical)
  3. Mia Annabelle St. Clair (GOTY 2008)
  4. Georgia Samantha Parkington (Retired Historical)
  5. Charlie June Albright (Renamed Julie)
  6. Felicity Arrah Merriman (Historical)
  7. Elizabeth Jadeline Cole (Historical)
  8. Emma Allison Akina (MAG 43)
  9. Marisol Nina Luna (GOTY 2005)
  10. Jenna Victoria-Grace Akina (Renamed Kanani)
  11. Nathan (Custom Boy Doll)
  12. Zoe Olivia Flemming (Renamed Nikki)
  13. Seth William Harrison (Custom Boy Doll)
  14. Arden Daniela Woods (Renamed Ivy)
  15. Perry Quinn Palmer (Renamed Isabelle)
  16. Eli Thomas (Custom Boy Doll)
  17. Marley Cecilia Copeland (Custom Saige)
  18. Belle Evangeline Winters (Custom Caroline)
  19. Weston Zachary Stark (Custom Boy Doll)
  20. Kira Grace Thomas (Renamed GOTY 2015)
  21. Wyatt Cooper Plane (Custom Boy Doll)
  22. Annika Rose Evergreen (TM #26)
  23. Maggie (Renamed Lea)
  24. Clara (Custom Doll)
  25. Savannah "Savvy" (Custom Doll)
  26. Isaac (Custom Boy Doll)
  27. Bonnie (Renamed Z)
  28. Ramona Lane McDaniels (CYO)
  29. Aimee (Custom Kanani) for giveaway


Elena: An American Girl Movie (August 16, 2016)

The Boy In Between (March 4, 2017)


Mia's Vlogs (July 2012)

The AGSmiless Chronicles (February 2013 - March 2013)

Aspen Heights (August 2013 - Present)

The Realm of Arragara (March 2014 - November 2014)

19 Dolls and Counting (February 2015 - September 2015)

The Ecliptic Curse (April 2015 - Present)

Tea Talks (January 2016 - Present)

All About My American Girl Dolls (January 2017 - Present)

Counting On (June 2019 - Present)


  • AGSmiless took parts of her first boy doll, Nathan, to create other customs, but re-made him later on.
  • She made a movie about her custom, Elena, and then sold her.
  • American Girl sent her a create-your-own doll in December 2017.