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AGSnapshots is an AGTube channel owned by Bella. She is one of the most popular AGTubers on the platform, and mainly posts tutorial and how-to videos. Some of her most popular videos are from a series of four videos where she fixes up dolls from eBay and resells them.


  1. Maybelle Lily (MAG 16)
  2. Julie Crystal (Historical)
  3. Lanie Rose (GOTY 2010)
  4. Ashlyn Alexis (MAG 39)
  5. Ruthie Sky (Historical Best Friend)
  6. Kanani (GOTY 2011)
  7. Cecile Hope (Historical)
  8. Kylie Madison (MAG 37)
  9. Summer Sophia (MAG 55)
  10. Kenna Ali (Custom McKenna with Hazel eyes, and foot signed by Agoverseasfan and Girloftheyearstudios)
  11. Daisy Indigo (Renamed Saige)
  12. Violet Jasmine (MAG 47)
  13. Lila May (Bitty Baby)
  14. Molly (Historical)
  15. Isabelle (GOTY 2014)
  16. Emilie Mika (MAG 30)
  17. Samantha (BeForever)
  18. Jasmine (Bitty Baby)
  19. Emma (renamed Grace GOTY 2015)
  20. MaryEllen Larkin (BeForever)
  21. Lea Clark (GOTY 2016)
  22. Melody (BeForever)


  • She is good friends with Agpals, MixiePixie7, JellyBean585, and DeenaandBeena.
  • In May 2020, she announced that she would be selling all of her dolls and accessories, indicating an end to her channel.