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AGTube Central is an AGTube collab channel featuring several popular AGTubers. The channel was created on February 13, 2020, and has over 400 subscribers. This channel utilizes the established collab channel format to host podcasts discussing American Girl-related topics and interview other AGTubers. 

AGTubers in Channel[]

AG ovation


Lauren AspenAG


AG Doll Fan 4 Ever

Podcast Episodes[]

  1. Introductions & Discussing Courtney Moore
  2. AGJitters' Channel Growth & Plans for the Future
  3. Ranking Every GOTY with LadybugAG06
  4. All About rockstar13studios and How to Make and AGSM
  5. Behind the Photo, Sophie Awards, and Stopmotions, Oh My! Feat. DancingDollphins
  6. All about AG ovation!
  7. Thedollsintherain & VioletDollies on AGTuber Burnout
  8. Reacting to AG's Holiday Release with GoldenPupAGSM!
  9. Doll Photography with 5hensandacockatiel
  10. The First Year of AGTube with Lillah Anna
  11. How Mixiepixie7 Prepares to Film! (Part 1 of 3)

Former Members[]