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AGTube Nostalgia Week is an event hosted by glasshandeddolls. For a week, AGTubers would upload videos inspired by or recreations of Old AGTube videos. The first week was hosted in May 2021, with more weeks planned for the future.


Week 1 (May 16 - 22, 2021)[]

  1. A Thousand Miles by glasshandeddolls (recreation of AmericanGirl077's "A Thousand Miles")
  2. Welcome Summer! [And Molly] by AG Doll Fan Forever
  3. A Thousand Years by An AG Dolls Life
  4. Caroline's Movie by Blehzes Films (recreation of xmollygirlx's "Annabeth's Movie")
  5. Doll Story by CocoChicago's AG (recreation of basilmentos' "Doll Story")
  6. Oh, To Read by TheAg Triplets (recreation of 4HappyHippos' "Oh, To Read")
  7. Elise in Dreamland by AGBookWormz (recreation of basilmentos" "Julia In Dreamland")
  8. Tango Smoothies by Doll Star Studios (recreation of basilmentos' "Tango Smoothies")
  9. A Thousand Years by Simply Sophie AG
  10. Perfect by AGJitters (AmericanGirl077 recreation)
  11. Rainy day? That's ok! by agfamilyproductions (recreation of basilmentos's "Rainy Day? That's OK!")
  12. Friday AGMV Spoof by AGBob DollPants (recreation of Multimadnessgirl's "Friday")
  13. Reacting To Nostalgic Old AGTube Videos by AllycatlovesAG
  14. A Lazy Thursday Morning by AllieAnn Stopmotions
  15. AG News by SummerGirl 2009
  16. Room Tour With Mary Ann by AGBookWormz
  17. Saige's Date?! by SophieAG (recreation of mixiepixie7's "Cassie's Date")
  18. My Old Stopmotions VS My New Stopmotions by Ag with Aj
  19. Camping Trip Disaster by hot cocoa ag (basilmentos recreation)
  20. My oldest intro vs. My current intro by Rainbow AG Studios
  21. An AG Doll Photoshoot! by AGSM Studios1
  22. Julia in Dreamland by tinydancerstudios (basilmentos recreation)
  23. The Cup Song by AG Doll Fan 4 Ever (inspired by mixiepixie7)
  24. A Thousand Miles by SummerSolstice AG (AmericanGirl077 recreation)
  25. The All-Nighter by Innerstarstudios13 (recreation of mixiepixie7's "The All-Nighter")
  26. What Happens When You're at School by BiggestAGFanEVER (recreation of basilmentos' "What Happens When You're At School")
  27. Types Of People At The Pool by Mady's AG
  28. Mean Girls by DollsAreMe123 (recreation of SuperAG101's "Mean Girls")
  29. The Stars of Old AGTube! by AG Spirit Studios
  30. Rating old Ag videos by Blue sky AG
  31. Maggie Shrinks! by AGcinnamonstudios (recreation of basilmentos' "Nali Shrinks")