On AGTube, there are some terms that are acronyms or shortened phrases for various things in the AG community.

American Girl Video Terminology Edit

AGMV: short for American Girl Music Video. Music videos can be made as stop motions, live action, or using editing apps.

AGSM: short for American Girl stop motion. A stop motion consists of putting a doll in a pose, and taking photos of her. Then, these photos are put into an editing system to make the dolls look like they are moving on their own.

AGLV: American Girl live videos.

AGSF: American Girl short films, can be stop motions or live videos.

AGPS: short for American Girl photo shoot. Some AGTubers will take photos of their dolls and upload them into a video on YouTube rather than Instagram.

American Girl Doll Line Terminology Edit

AGOT/AGT: short for American Girl of Today/American Girl Today, the earliest version of the Truly Me line.

JLY: stands for Just Like You, the former name of the American Girl (of) Today. The line was renamed around 2006 and is one of the most commonly used names for the Truly Me line. Most AGTubers who've been around since the early 2010's use this term.

MAG: The Just Like You (JLY) line was renamed My American Girl in 2010.

TM: The My American Girl Line (MAG) was renamed Truly Me in 2015.

Historicals: Term for the Historical dolls in the American Girl line.

Beforever: This is the term for the Historicals after American Girl revamped the line in 2015.

GOTY: There are several variations of the acronym which stands for "Girl of The Year" in reference to American Girl's Girl of The Year line.

American Girl Restoration Terminology Edit

Eye Swap: When two or more dolls switch eyes.

Wig Swap: When two or more dolls switch wigs.

Rewig: This goes along with a wig swap. This is the process of removing a current dolls wig and replacing it with a different one.

Restring/Limb Tightening: This is the process of replacing the strings that hold the limbs of the doll to tighten the limbs of the doll.

Doll Skin Cleaning: When the limbs and face of the doll are cleaned. There are several methods to do this.

Other Terminology Edit

AGP: short for American Girl Place; one of American Girl's retail stores.

AGIG: American Girl community on Instagram.

AGTube: American Girl community on YouTube

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