AGTube Wiki

The AGTube Wiki is a site dedicated to keeping track of the history of the AGTube community and providing information about the channels, videos, and other events that take place. The wiki is currently managed by User:Agmusic, otherwise known as glasshandeddolls. She has been editing on the wiki since 2016, and has a passion for AGTube history.

New to AGTube?[]

If you're new to this community, or happened to stumble across this wiki, welcome! AGTube is a community on YouTube centered around making videos with and about American Girl dolls, a line of 18 inch dolls owned by Mattel that aim to empower young girls. The community typically uses stop-motion animation as the primary form of videos, though over time other types of videos have found niches within the community. The community has been around since 2007, but if you're looking to get started with watching, some of the most popular creators over the years have been girloftheyearstudios, basilmentos, AGSmiless, mixiepixie7, rockstar13studios, and Rainbow Lollipop Productions. If you're lost with the terminology, check out this page!