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This is the AGTube Wiki. AGTube (American Girl Youtube) is a Youtube fandom that shares an interest in American Girl Dolls. Before editing pages and commenting, be sure to read the rules!


There are many popular AGTubers, but some of the most known include, agsmiless (yes 2 ss), fivedollstars, basilmentos, girloftheyearstudios, sparklefireproductions, agoverseasfan, AGSnapshots, Agpals, HeartAG , mixiepixie7, Chloe's american girl doll channel , OhMyCowsPotatoes and DanceCandy33. also Videos are most commonly hauls, stop motions, photo shoots, and more. This article is a stub. A stub is an unfinished article. Please help edit it.

Who exactly is an AGTuber? An AGTuber is someone who makes videos with American Girl dolls. Although AGTube is not exclusive to American Girls, it's the most common. Whether they make stop motions (AGSMs are more commonly known) or if they make music videos (AGMV is the usual abbreviation), they are considered an AGTuber. Many AGTubers use their own American Girl dolls, but because they are so expensive, sometimes they use less expensive dolls such as Our Generation (Target), Journey Girls (Toys 'R' Us), or Madame Alexander as a few examples.

Though the community started out small, it has grown larger within a few years. We defy the rules of "growing up." No one can tell us that we are too old for dolls. It is our passion; the fire that fuels us. It drives us to taking gorgeous photos of beautiful dolls, or filming for hours to get minutes of stop motion, anything that has to do with this wonderful community. We are united by one thing that we have in common: a love for American Girl & other 18" dolls.


A community of AGTubers! We are a community of film & video makers. However, our muse is something quite different: dolls!