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AGWorld Sprinkles is an AGTube channel owned by Sprinkles. She created her channel on November 26, 2017, and has over 900 subscribers. She mainly makes AGSMs, as well as other videos such as challenges or tags.


Lucy Thompson (TM 25)

Kit Merian (Historical)

Gabby McBride (GOTY 2017)

Nanea Mitchell (Historical)

Julie Albright (Historical)

Victor Holmes (TM 75)

Bridget Parks (TM 23)

Maddie Cooper (TM 58)

Riley Carter (TM 49)

Mae Abbott (Renamed Caroline)


  • She won a Sophie Award for Best Summer Movie in 2019 for her movie "The Thing About Jellyfish".
  • She won Best Stopmotion in the 2019 AGMusic Awards.
  • She held the record for longest AGTube stop motion movie for almost a year with "The Thing About Jellyfish."
  • She speaks both Spanish and English.
  • She won second place in AGNDM Cycle 6 with her doll Nanea.
  • She was nominated to the top five for the Best Summer Movie category again in the 2020 Sophie Awards.


The Thing About Jellyfish (2019)

The Bell's Riddle (2020)

A Stranger's List (2020)

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