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The AG Awards is an AGTube awards show created by American Girl during its AGZCREW era. The awards were given based on the videos posted in the #AGZCREW hashtag in November 2015. AGTubers who submitted videos via the hashtag had the opportunity to win awards in certain categories (listed below)

The awards show video itself was 5 minutes long, and was hosted by Z along with her friends B (TM #53) and GiGi (TM #61). Clips of the videos that won awards were featured in the video as well, allowing AGTubers to gain exposure, similar to how the Sophie Awards help smaller creators. The awards show differed from the Sophie Awards in that it featured specific videos, and did not show the winners accepting their awards.

Award Winners[]

Best Costumes/Sets: AgDollLoverAlex & Coaggirl 

Best Camera Movement: DIYkem & Laughternoons

Favorite Story: InfinityAGStudios & daratulip2

AG All-Star Favorites: Ericala & DollVentures