AG Darlings is an AGTube channel owned by River. They have over 1,000 subscribers, and created their channel on December 30, 2015.

Dolls Edit

  1. Forest Anne Thomas
  2. Soleil Reese Abbott
  3. Liberty Noelle Walker
  4. Emmett Hunter Wolfe
  5. Hazel Evelyn Fletcher
  6. Reign Serenity Copeland
  7. Carter Avery Beaulieu
  8. Athena Skye Cole
  9. Fleur Destiny Rubin
  10. Gabriel Wyatt Evans
  11. Mai Brooklyn Emmerson
  12. Irelynn Verity Chase
  13. Aurora Lucile Couture
  14. Lillie Mae Akina
  15. Céline Renée Sauze
  16. Luna Annaleigh Noble
  17. Scout Emerald Clark
  18. Oliver Phillip Hoffman
  19. Jade Ellie Larkin
  20. Primrose Aja Fleming
  21. Virgo Colette McConnell
  22. Flora Lotus Holland
  23. Echo Juniper Briar
  24. Octavia Lake Rosetta
  25. Sakura Emmi Yang
  26. Violetta Song Liu
  27. Evelya Autumn Gardener
  28. Luana Kali Mitchell
  29. Iris Ophelia Rey
  30. Kai Austin James
  31. Alouette Sparrow Palmer
  32. Thomas Xavier Sanders
  33. Archer Daniel Evans
  34. Avalon Carli Vega
  35. Aspen Lily Wicker
  36. Navaeh Lilliana Potter
  37. Alaska Jamie Flynn
  38. Sapphire Devine Ling
  39. Talyn Olivia McIntire
  40. Minnie Roye Winters
  41. Amethyst Rachelle Nova
  42. Ottilie Tiara Grace
  43. Calypso Jayla Nerida
  44. Brynlee Giovanna Kittredge
  45. Ashton Heart Coulter
  46. Rosemary Ember Montoya

Series Edit

Trivia Edit

  • They created their channel on December 31, 2015, but posted their first public video on February 19, 2016.
  • Their first ever video, entitled: AG Hairstyle Tutorial and AGPS, was posted on December 31, 2015, but has since been privated because they are embarrassed of the video
  • They won a Sophie Award in 2017 for their series, The Faerie's Keep.
  • They used to be an employee at the American Girl Place Edmonton
  • Their series "The Faeries Keep" used to be called "Faeries"

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