AG_lover_#1 YT is a small, moderately new AG Tuber. She started in January of 2018, and is still active. She has been collecting for two years now! She has 8 dolls as of June 25, 2018, and still is collecting.

History Edit

She started collecting dolls by collecting Journey Girls; her first dolls were named Dana and Meredith. After starting to collect Journey Girls, she started collecting My Life As dolls. After about a couple of months of collecting, she discovered American Girl Dolls via one of her friends.

Dolls Edit

  • Maryellen Larkin (BeForever)
  • Julie Albright (BeForever)
  • Tenney Grant
  • Lanie (TM #24)
  • London (TM #51)
  • Crystal (TM #23)
  • Sophie Claire (TM #19)
  • Scarlett (TM #55)

Links Edit

Instagram: @londonlemon08