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ag 4allages is an AGTube account owned by Kristen. She created her channel on August 7, 2013, though she did not start posting until 2015, and has over 1,200 subscribers.


Porphyra the Musical (2017)

Porphyra the Musical 2: The Queen's War (2018)


Ovation (May 26, 2020 - Present)


  • She won a Sophie Award for Best Summer Movie in 2018 for "Porphyra the Musical".
  • She was the first AGTuber to create an original AGSM movie musical.
  • Kristen has gone to the MCM Benefit Sale for several years and often meets other AGTubers and AGIGers at the sale.
  • She's often more active on AGIG than AGTube.
  • She got her 100th doll on March 11, 2019.