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agsupernovas is an AGTube channel run by Elysia, or El. It was created on February 17th, 2015 under the name "Prettylittlesongbirdstudios", but she was not active on it until November 3rd, 2017. The name changed to "ElysianAGStudios" on April 17th, 2021, and changed a final time on August 30th to "agsupernovas". Elysia was inspired to create her channel by popular AG channels such as AGSmiless and MixiePixie7.


American Girl[]

  1. Eleanor "Ella" Evans (Customized MAG #55)
  2. Flower Henderson (OG Sandie)
  3. Colby Woods (Boy Doll - Isabelle)
  4. Rose Wilson (MAG #55)
  5. Holland Tucker (MAG #61)
  6. Isey Curlin (MAG #61)
  7. Scarlett Anderson (JLY #8)
  8. Madeline "Maddie" Parker (Historical PC Samantha)
  9. Katie Larson (Historical PC Kirsten)
  10. Cayla Willows (Cayla Brand doll)
  11. Samantha Parkington (Beforever Samantha)
  12. Nora McBride (Renamed Gabriela)
  13. Natalie Palmer (Renamed Isabelle)
  14. Clair Watson (TM #24)
  15. Zoie Newman (TM #25)
  16. Amber-Jo Clarke (Renamed Lea)
  17. Katheryn Taylor Grant (Renamed Tenney)
  18. Kirk Masons (Boy Doll - Grace)
  19. Simon Rivera (Boy Doll - Kaya


  1. Phoenix Wisher (Willa)
  2. Jenna Clarke (Ashlyn)



  • The channel mostly posts American Girl content, but also posts Barbie doll videos as well.
  • She finished her first series, The Witching Hours, in March of 2019.
  • She was previously known as Prettylittlesongbirdstudios and ElysianAGStudios
  • Her last channel name is inspired by her real name, Elysia