Akeelah1998 is an AGTube channel owned by Akeelah. She created her channel on January 18, 2011, and has over 24,000 subscribers. She was a very popular creator in the Old AGTube era, and often let other AGTubers guest-star in her intros.


  1. Akeelah Kimberlee Columbus (JLY #26)
  2. Natalie Rose Columbus
  3. Gwendolynn Faith Columbus
  4. Kaya Joy Columbus (Historical)
  5. Juliyah Alexa Columbus
  6. Molliegh Jade Columbus
  7. Addison Olivia Columbus
  8. Sophiah June Columbus
  9. Kanani Grace Columbus (GOTY 2011)
  10. Georgie Helen Columbus
  11. Reba Lillian Columbus
  12. Emma Charlotte Columbus
  13. Nina Marissa Columbus
  14. NeTaliyah Lucia Columbus
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