AllycatlovesAG is an AGTube channel owned by Ally. She created her channel on March 16, 2016 and has over 1,400 subscribers. She posts a variety of videos to her channel, such as opening videos, crafts, and photography.


  1. Ally (MAG #59)
  2. Amelie (Renamed Caroline)
  3. Victoria (MAG 25)
  4. Leah (GOTY 2016)
  5. Juniper (Renamed Maryellen
  6. Ahren (TM 76)
  7. Raelynn (TM 49)
  8. Ryan (Renamed Gabriella)
  9. Julie (BeForever)
  10. Becca (TM 39)
  11. Kiona (Renamed Kaya)
  12. Masie (Renamed Melody)
  13. Naia Nicole Edwards (TM 62)
  14. Devyn Finley Walker (Custom Addy)
  15. Marlowe Lydia Ross (Renamed Joss)
  16. Cerie Mae Anderson (Custom 26)


  • She was in the top five for the Best Photography and Best Dressed categories in the 2018 Sophie Awards. She made top 5 again in 2019 for those same categories, as well as best overall, and ended up winning best dressed.
  • She competed on cycle 1 of AGNDM with Juniper, and won cycle 5 with Naia.
  • She has over 5,000 followers on Instagram.




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