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American Girl's Next Doll Model (typically abbreviated to AGNDM) is a photography competition created by foreveranddollways. It has had 8 cycles so far with 12 contestants per cycle.


To enter the competition, you have to submit a photo of your doll. Heart then chooses the 12 best photos to be the 12 contestants. Each week, the contestants are given a theme, and have to submit a photo that goes with the theme. A contestant is eliminated each week as well; sometimes double eliminations occur, but are much less frequent.


Cycle One[]

Winner: Adelaide (@agjitters)

Arden (@aglightbulbs)


Harmony (@mhlovesag)

Juniper (@allycatlovesag)

Lauren (@sierrbear_)

Lea (@coconutty_bunny)

Maddy Sage (@summersmilesag)

Natalie (@wonderful_agz)

Riley (@__ag_productions__)

Riley (@agbrownies)

Lucia (@8cooldolls)

Cycle Two[]

Winner: Maya (@agannika)

Addy (@daniellefairytune)

Estella (@sm0lfriends)

Jackie (@sm0ldolls)

James (@ag_flix)

Lea (@agrubystudios)

Lennon (@wondorousdollies)

Mckenna (@brightstarag)

Saylor (@ag_tv101)

Shylo (@agtoinfinityandbeyond)


Cycle Three[]

Winner: Fiona-Jade (@aghorrorstory)

Bailey May (@agphotographycaramelfudgesnapp)

Eliana (@iluvagforever)

Erin (@pinkpixiestudios)

Isabelle (@starryskyag)

Kit (@mandmdolls)

Lea (@dolls_and_threads)

Lucia (@8cooldolls)

Maylee Rose (@slytherin.dolls)


Taylor (@adorable_dollies)

Zoe (@greenpalmsanddolls)

Cycle Four[]

Winner: Evie (

Cecile (@agartsystudios)

Clementine (@lighthousedolls)

Indie (

Katelyn (@all_dolled_up__)


Louisa (@glasshandeddolls)


Ophelia (@mila.marieag)

River (@dollsaremymiddlename)

Thomas (@wonderful_agz)

Violet (@urbandolliesag)

Cycle Five[]

Winner: Naia (@allycatlovesag)

Izzy (@dorkydolllover13)

Malu (@flowersag)

Addy (@tboneag47)

Kanani (@maceyjlovesag)

Zolita (@dollsaremymiddlename)

Sydney (@agog.dolls)

Luciana (@koala5947)

Felicity (@agshortfilms)

Arden (@18poppiesag)

Nanea (@ag._.universe)

Luciana (@grace_ag_life)

Cycle Six[]

Winner: Anna (@glitterpieag)

Armani (@agvelvet)

Blaire (@_peachy_ag)

Caroline (@the_doll_addiction)

Evangeline (@monumentaldolls)

Juliet (@pocketsmarties)

Mindy (@perkytomato)

Nanea (@agworld.sprinkles)

Nicole (@nikkis_ag_adventure)

Piper (@aqua_ag_dollies)

Sonali (

Zoe (MyDazzlingDays!)

Cycle Seven[]

Briar Rose (@folklore.dolls)


Harley (@agdollmation)


Kalena (@glasshandeddolls)

Lanie (@agdragon09)

Monica (@emeraldsandamethyst)

Nonamé (@ag.stitch)

Ocean (@2kallysworld)

Olive (@lighthousedolls)

Winner: Riley (@jolieag_)

Verena (@tboneag97)

Cycle Eight[]

Aria (

Ariel (@Oddaglover)

Bella (@Milamarieag)

Emma (@Ag.photography_official)

Frank (@Agbob_dollpants)

Harriet (@Agoftoday)

Hunter (@Rileysmileyplays)

Jeanie (@Minicaeli)


Malu (@flowersag)

Winner: McKenna (@julia_agworld)

Mirabelle (@itsadollyholiday)

*AGNDM contestants are based on Instagram accounts, since that was how Heart contacted them up until Cycle 7; many of them also have YouTube channels, which will be linked if applicable.[]


AGNDM brought about a second wave of photo contests to AGTube. Photo contests had been popular on Old AGTube, but practically died out by 2014. Heart's influence as a popular AGTuber and AGNDM's overall popularity brought back photo contests in full force. Now, many AGTubers host their own photo contests, and some are even hosted on Instagram.