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An Unexpected Adventure is an AGSM Movie created by glasshandeddolls, and released on July 12, 2020.


Malia is invited on a camping trip by her best friend Grace to try and bring her out of her comfort zone. Along the adventure, Malia comes out of her shell, and they learn that it's never too late to have an adventure.


Malia Kahale: Kanani Akina

Grace Prescott: Lanie Holland

Sabrina Castelo: Emilia Pérez

Violet Cardoso: Luciana Vega

Eve Nakamura: Ivy Ling

Mrs. Kahale: Kalena Akina

Extras: Caroline Abbott, Hanako Ito, Rory Rubin, Ciara O'Malley, Penelope Brooks


"School Is So Easy" by Last Dinosaurs

"Less Than Hello" by Bears In Trees

"Tokyo" by Imagine Dragons

"Good Hustle, Kids" by Bears In Trees

"Alps" by Last Dinosaurs

"Sanity For Summer" by City Mouth

"Drinking Soda" by Mew

"If You're Not" by City Mouth

"Web" by Mew

"As Far As You're Concerned" by Last Dinosaurs (ending credits)


  • glasshandeddolls states that this movie took her 34 days and over 9,358 photos to complete.
  • She posted a behind-the-scenes video after releasing the movie which explained her editing process for the movie, as well as citing her inspirations for the plot.