Ariana the Great is a smaller AGTuber with approximately 70 subscribers. AGTube has been a favorite of hers since January 31st, 2017 when she uploaded her first video of the stop motion type. It wasn't very smooth, and major movements were made between shots, making it look jerky. Since then, Ariana the Great has uploaded loads of AGSMs, AGMVs, and more, improving her video quality.

Dolls Edit

  1. Saige Ann Copeland (GOTY 2013)
  2. Rebecca Mildred Rubin (Historical)
  3. Grace Lynn Thomas (GOTY 2015)
  4. Tailor (TM #59)
  5. Lea Amanda Clark (GOTY 2016)
  6. Kaya Aton'my (Beforever)
  7. Emily Rose Bennett (Historical)
  8. Samantha Mary Parkington (Beforever)
  9. Lindsay Robin Bergman (GOTY 2001)
  10. Felicity (Historical)
  11. Nicki Fleming (GOTY 2007)
  12. Tenney Mason Grant (Contemporary)
  13. Isabelle Emilia Palmer (GOTY 2014)
  14. Zoey Yang (Renamed Z)
  15. Olivia Larson (Renamed Kirsten Dolll)
  16. Kanani Akina (GOTY 2011)

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