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Basically Dolls is an AGtube Channel created by Erika, who's more popular on their platform on AGIG under the name "PeppermintDolls_" who has accumulated over 20 subscribers on AGtube and 300+ on AGIG. 

Erika had known of AGtube when she was young and only joined recently with the encouragement of AGTheaterKid and melowines in the summer of 2017 and makes AGSMs and a few live action videos which have recently been put on private.


Marisol Lara Luna (GOTY 2005, Signed by AGSmiless)

Emily Sarah Bennet (Historical)

Molly Jane McIntire (Historical)

Karen-Lynne Keres (Custom JLY #56)

Robyn James McIntire (Custom Boy Doll)

Lenora Ingrid Bour (JLY #64)

Teddie Elaine Frank (custom Kirsten, Signed by Sm0lDolls)

Xenia Sarah Ciechinowski (Custom JLY #13)

Gemma Noelle Rosenzweig (JLY #44)

Cedar-Jane Clare Harris (JLY #5)

Phoenix Rose Albarn (JLY #4)

Andromeda Polaris Hawking (Custom Chrissa)

Lennon Mara Ono (Custom Marisol, Signed by AGdolldude)

Mccartney Stella Eastman (Addy, Signed by Sm0ldolls)

Harrison Dhvani Prasad-Varma (JLY #66)

Ringo Tatia Zenjiro (JLY #54)


  • She is currently collaborating with melowines on a series. There was a trailer but she took it down 2 weeks after it was uploaded.