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BlossomAG is an AGTube channel owned by Lillian. She created her channel on November 23, 2015, and has over 1,450 subscribers. She makes mainly AGSMs, and rose to popularity in 2016 because of this.


  1. Angelina (Renamed Molly)
  2. Gilly (Emily)
  3. Mandy (MAG #23)
  4. Naomi (Renamed Kanani)
  5. Paisley (Renamed Lea)
  6. Aria (TM #46)
  7. Tucker (Custom boy doll)
  8. Charlotte (Custom Marie-Grace)


  • BlossomAG was one of many AGTubers to rise to popularity in 2016; others include Rainbow Lollipop Productions & CameraCuties.
  • She made an Instagram account for her doll Paisley, but the account has since been deleted.