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BlushAGPrincess (previously known as theamericangirls99) is an AGTube channel run by Ashley. She created her channel on December 7th, 2009, and has over 2,700 subscribers. She used to share her channel with a friend named AM, who left the channel about a year later. Ashley loves to create characters and make dolls of them as well. Ashley is a writer, aspiring actress, and advocate for chronically ill and disabled people. Due to chronic illness, Ashley does not post on either of her YouTube channels or her Instagram often, but she always expresses that she’ll never leave, is always filming, and will never stop collecting dolls.


Girl Dolls:

1. Elizabeth Rose Cole

2. Nellie Kaia O’Malley

3. Mia Isis St. Clair (GOTY 2008)

4. Brandi Mara Kyleson (#41)

5. Hannah Lila (Panetierre) McMillan (#39)

6. Alyson Lacy Miranda Mitchell (custom)

7. Kanani Lalama Akina (GOTY 2011) (Lalama means daring, fearless, and clever! Her name is pronounced Kah-nah-nii La-lah-ma Ah-key-nah.)

8. McKenna Noelle Brooks (GOTY 2012)

9. Caroline Skye Abbott

10. Sonali Anika Matthews (GOTYBF 2009)

11. Gwen Lela Thompson (GOTYBF 2009)

12. Saige Magnolia Copeland (GOTY 2013)

13. Savannah Layla Panetierre (#60)

14. Isabelle Aurora Palmer (GOTY 2014)

15. Camila Harper Martínez (#49)

16. Sierra Rayn Evangeline Wang (#30)

17. Addison (Addy) Leora Walker

18. Anastasia Adeline Vera Wolff (#55)

19. Lea Oceané Clark (GOTY 2016)

20. Giselle Anneliese Lierre (custom Lea)

21. Ariel Isla Kailani (custom)

22. Sasha Mae Broussard (custom)

23. Rosalie Pearl Fleur (custom)

24. Mini Megan (custom)

25. Lacey Anissa (Gordon) Everett (custom)

26. Isabella Juliet Park (custom) (pronounced Iz-ah-bell-ah Julie-ette Pak)

27. Madelyn Anise Miller (custom)

28. Mini Ashley (custom)

29. Aaliyah Hawi Patel (custom) (pronounced Uh-lee-yuh How-ee Pa-tel)

31. Blaire Iris Wilson (GOTY 2019)

32. Leilani Malana Kala’i (custom)(pronounced Lei-lani Ma-la-na Kaa-luh)

33. Aubree Gemma Robinson (Custom)

34. Autumn Grace Woods (custom)

35. Stassi Fiona Roberts (#27)

36. Summer Bailey Jones (#61)

37. Olivia Amber Woods (custom)

38. Ava Jiana Brown (#67)

39. Eloise (Ellie) Mi-Cha Han (#4)

40. Tessa Emilia Grey (custom)

41. Maya Anwen Johnson (CYO)

42. Penelope Amaya Fujioka (custom)

Boy Dolls:

1. Jasper (Iyaz) Garrett McMillan

2. Jake T. Austin (custom)

3. Trent Alexander Broussard (custom)

4. Logan James Everett

5. Prince Eric Will Marin (custom)

6. Lucas Scott Everett (custom)

7. Finn Oliver Parish (custom)

8. Julian Chase Lockhearte (#76)

Wellie Wishers:

1. Melody Athena Marin (custom)

2. Charlotte Renee Everett (custom)

Bitty Babies/Twins:

1. Kailey Rachel Kyleson

2. Ethan William Mitchell

3. Ansley Chloe Mitchell

4. Carlie May Reagan

OG Dolls:

1. Jasper (Iyaz) Garrett McMillan (Jack)

2. Ahnah Kirima Miki (Julieta) (Ah-nah Kiy-riy-maa Mee-key, Inuit)

3. Stella Elizabeth Clairmonte (Millie)

Other Dolls:

1. Andrew Alexander Kyleson (Berenguer reborn)

2. Justin James McMillan (Jakks Pacific Mini Baby doll)

3. Briella Joy McMillan (Tomy Micro Baby “Jasmine” doll)

4. Zoey Claire Serell (Zapf Creation baby)

5. Adalynn Nicole Reid (Baby Born baby)

6. Sophia Lily Bradshaw (You & Me baby)

7. Jordan Michael Caspian (Tomy Micro Baby “Jordan” doll)

8. Madame Ariel (Madame Alexander Ariel doll)

9. Orion James Everett (Circo Mini Baby Boy doll)

Personal Life[]

For privacy reasons, Ashley went by her initials AK until 2012, when she released her first name and face. Ashley's first doll was Elizabeth Cole, whom she got December 25, 2005.

Ashley's parents have been divorced since she was five. She was ill with Chronic Lyme Disease and Babesia for almost 6 years. She has missed most of high school, causing her to be “behind” in life. At 20, her Chronic Lyme Disease relapsed and she hasn’t been able to treat to get back into remission since. When she was 21, she got diagnosed with Endometriosis and was in a lot of pain. When Ashley was 22, she had the surgery to have that removed. However her pain worsened, and a year later, at 23, she was diagnosed with the painful conditions of CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and Fibromyalgia. She currently is undergoing lots of medical treatments and procedures to try to get well. Ashley is currently disabled by her chronic illnesses, chronic fatigue, and debilitating chronic pain.


  • Ashley is currently obsessed with Jane The Virgin, Stassi Schroeder Clark of Vanderpump Rules, and her adorable Yorkie, Hope. She likes to make dolls based on her favorite characters as well.
  • She initially had separate channels for other doll brands and games, but merged those channels into her main channel. Since then, Ashley has made a Simming/Gaming channel that she’s moved her non-AG gaming videos to, which is called TheSimsPrincess.