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CameraCuties is an AGTube channel owned by Rebekah (and formerly her twin sister Kerri). They began posting on July 1, 2016, and have over 19,300 subscribers. She makes mainly AGSMs.


  1. Michelle (JLY #19)
  2. Addy (Beforever)
  3. Kit (Beforever)
  4. Lea (GOTY 2016)
  5. Anna (TM #61)
  6. Isabelle (GOTY 2014)
  7. Anani (Renamed Nanea)


Lights, Camera, Michelle (August 4, 2016 - Present)


  • The camera she uses is a Canon EOS 80D. Her editors are Final Cut Pro X and iStopmotion.
  • She is good friends with mixiepixie7, and they have written letters to each other.
  • She joined October 10, 2014, but didn't start posting until July 1, 2016.
  • She stated in her collection video that Michelle is a lookalike of her older sister.