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Chicago Creative Sisters is an AGTube channel owned by sisters Peyton and Jane. They created their channel on August 15, 2012, and have over 400 subscribers. The two sisters also have their own channels; Peyton runs TheSoundof0, while Jane runs SunshineLemonsAG.


Jane's Dolls

  1. Mia St. Clair (GOTY 2008)
  2. Katherine (MAG #39)
  3. Gabriella McBride (GOTY 2017)
  4. Joy (TM #29)

Peyton's Dolls

  1. Caitlin
  2. Luciana (GOTY 2018)
  3. Charlotte (Renamed Blaire)
  4. Lyla
  5. Luke (TM #74)
  6. Kit (BeForever)


  • They were nominated to the top five for the Best Set Design category in the 2020 Sophie Awards.
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