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CinnaFrost is an AGTube channel owned by Cinna. She created her channel on May 11, 2012, and has over 6,000 subscribers. Initially, she made mainly AGSMs, and her channel reflected standard AGTube videos at the time. Later in her channel's history, she began making more mature videos, and carried these themes to her AGIG after becoming inactive on AGTube.


  1. Malia (JLY #2)
  2. Littie (Renamed Julie)
  3. Greer (Renamed Mia)
  4. Maëlle (Renamed Samantha)
  5. Maeve (Custom)
  6. Sheska (Custom)
  7. Laia (Renamed Felicity)
  8. Vera (JLY #25)
  9. Ainsley (Custom)
  10. Aspen (Custom)
  11. Caia (JLY #44)
  12. Rin (doll w/out hair)
  13. Charlie (Custom)
  14. Merritt (Renamed Lanie)
  15. Addie (Custom)
  16. Annabeth (Custom)
  17. Celia (Custom)
  18. Stiles (Custom)
  19. Shayna (Custom)
  20. Jude (Custom)
  21. Genesis (Custom)
  22. Lennox (JLY #55)
  23. Nerea (Renamed Sonali)
  24. Percy (Custom)
  25. Katya (Renamed Isabelle)
  26. Holland (Custom)
  27. Niamh (Renamed Jess)


  • She has since sold all but three of her dolls, and plans to give them to her future children.