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Collab Channels are channels that are hosted by multiple AGTubers. Typically, they consist of 7 AGTubers that are each assigned a specific day of the week to post. The collab channel trend was very popular in the Old AGTube era, though it still exists in some format today.


These types of channels were initially inspired by other areas of YouTube, as they follow a similar format to channels in other communities. Channels such as SevenSuperGirls that were widely popular in the Old AGTube era influenced AGTube in a similar way that popular music did, causing the trend that became known as "Collab Channels".

Collab Channels were very popular during Old AGTube through the Transition Period, but mostly died out past 2016. However, as of 2020, the format has seen a rebirth in the form of AGTube Central. The channel is, by definition, a collab channel, but does not follow the 7-days-a-week format that most collab channels did. The channel features 7 AGTubers, and was created to connect the community through podcasts and interviews.