Her current YouTube profile picture.

Dazzlingdolls is a AGtube channel owned by Maggie. She started her channel in August 2013, and has over 1,300 subcribers. She mainly makes AGSMs and AGPSs. She has not posted since December 27, 2015.


After she started her channel, she took a break thinking of video ideas. On October 8, 2013, she posted a summer photoshoot she made with her best friend ClickingWithAG (who was AGpenguinstyle at that time). Three months later came her very first stopmotion, which was called Bully Busters, which was also made with ClickingWithAG. She started posting videos more frequently, though as of now she has not posted in months. Her most popular stopmotion she has made on her own so far is "Welcome Isabelle!"


Nicki (GOTY 2007)

Maggie (JLY #23)

Savannah (MAG#60)

Isabelle (GOTY 2014)

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