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Doll Days YouTube is an AGTube channel owned by Pearl (aka DollBaker24). She created her channel on April 8, 2016, and has over 1,300 subscribers. She makes mainly AGSMs. 


Molly McIntire (Historical) 

Emily Bennett (Historical) 

Marylee (TM #21) 

McKenna Brooks (GOTY 2012) 

Rebecca Rubin (Historical) 

Isabelle Palmer (GOTY 2014) 

Grace Thomas (GOTY 2015) 

Maryellen Larkin (BeForever) 

Georgia Belle (TM #44) 

Lea Clark (GOTY 2016) 

Melody Ellison (BeForever) 

Ella Paige (TM #65) 

Willa (WellieWisher) 

Tenney Grant (Contemporary) 

Nanea Mitchell (BeForever) 

Camille (WellieWisher) 

Josefina Montoya (BeForever) 

Luciana Vega (GOTY 2018) 

Tillie (Custom TM #33) 

Clementine "Clemmie" Wilson (Renamed Blaire)   


  • She uses a Canon EOS Rebel T6i camera to take photos and film videos, and then edits her videos in iMovie. 
  • Her sister, AG Doll Crafter, runs the Doll Days Blog, while Pearl and DollPandaLover (the youngest sister) help out occasionally.  
  • Pearl runs the YouTube channel herself, with occasional appearances from her other sisters.