Doll Diaries is a newer AGTube channel created on December 8, 2016. The dolls live in a nine roomed house located in their owners attic where the viewers get to see a glimpse of their day to day lives. The house currently holds 6 dolls, and some other dolls appear in his videos sometimes. He is the creator of the annual AgTube Parade

Dolls Edit

Dolls in the family Edit

  1. Courtney Angelina Robin (MAG 43)
  2. Isabelle Euse Palmer (GOTY 2014)
  3. Molly Amber McIntire (historical)
  4. Luciana Stella Vega (GOTY 2018)
  5. Emily Hannah Davids (TM 29)
  6. Felicity ‘Lizzy’ Merriman (BeForever)

Dolls not in the family Edit

  1. Samantha Parkington (Historical)
  2. Chrissa Maxwell (GOTY 2009)
  3. Sonali Matthews (GOTY 2009 Best Friend)
  4. Kayla (MAG 22)

Trivia Edit

They have collaborations in the works with other AGTube channels such as Itz Fwin And DollsOutoftheWoods.

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