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dollshavethephonebox is an AGTube channel owned by Skye. She created her channel on October 5, 2014, and has over 900 subscribers. She makes a variety of content, from AGSMs to lookbooks.


  1. Elle "Ellie" Olsen (Custom MAG #28 with Molly wig)
  2. Freya Albright (Custom Julie with Caroline wig)
  3. Olive Ivy Ling (Renamed Ivy)
  4. Brigitte Cleo Larkin (Renamed Maryellen)
  5. Juliet Sofia Bennet (Renamed Emily)
  6. Hallie Bennet (Custom TM with Caroline eyes & Felicity wig)
  7. Bryn Noelle Langston (TM #47 with Jess wig)
  8. Lily Thea Akina (Renamed Kanani)


  • She made her own AGTube Wiki, AGTubepedia, in 2012, after discovering that the AGTube Wiki was inactive at the time. She recently updated her site, stating that it is no longer active, and users should visit the AGTube Wiki for more updated information. She now keeps the site up as an archive of information about Old AGTube.
  • Her doll, Freya, was originally a Lanie doll, but she re-customized her and changed her base head.
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