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Emerald AG is an AGTube channel owned by Kailee. She created her channel on January 27, 2014, though she did not post until the next year, and has over 4,360 subscribers. She makes mainly AGSMs, and rose to popularity during the New Generation era with her AGSM movie Who Is Rae Payson?.


Katie Brown (Non AG doll)

Kanani Akina (GOTY 2011)

Julie Albright (Historical)

April June 

Hailey Depuis

Isabelle Palmer (GOTY 2014)

Samantha-Olivia "Liv" Parkington (BeForever)

Cooper Jones (Custom Boy Doll)

Carly Thomas (Renamed Grace)

Destiny Larkin 

Autumn Clark (Renamed Lea)

Gemma Pearson (TM #64)

JB Lee (Renamed Kailey)

Fallyn Tenebris

Rhoda Grant (Renamed Tenney)

Jovie Albright 

Jasper Mallone

Demitri Mallone (Custom Wellie Wisher)

Alexzandra McCarthy (Renamed Willa)


Cooking with Katie 

Pirates of the Plains 

Shake & Wake 

Test Subject #33 

Lesser Known Holidays 

Camp Carson 

Get to Know the Emerald AG Family


Mirror Image (2015)

Angel (2016)

Boundless Joy (2016)

Who is Rae Payson? (2017)

The Christmas Solo (2017)

Merry Birthday! (2019)

Rae Payson: Identity (2020)

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