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FiveDollStars is a popular AGTube channel. She is a very popular AGTuber, and a good friend of basilmentos and sparkfireproductions. She started her channel on September 10, 2012 with her five dolls and now has over 148,000 subscribers. She is considered to be one of the most popular creators on the platform, and first gained a following during the era of Old AGTube.


  1. Karen (Our Generation Doll)
  2. Crystal (MAG 23)
  3. Kit (Historical)
  4. Josefina (Historical)
  5. Kelsey (Journey Girls Doll)
  6. Zoey (MAG 41)
  7. Samantha (Retired Historical)
  8. Molly (Retired Historical)
  9. Liberty (MAG 43)
  10. Cecile (Retired Historical)
  11. Marietta (Mom's Doll; MAG 55)
  12. Juniper (Renamed Maryellen)
  13. Lanie (GOTY 2010)
  14. Gabriela (GOTY 2017)


  • Her dolls Crystal and Liberty have had their feet signed by basilmentos.
  • Crystal's foot was also signed by sparkjazzag4ever.
  • Liberty was purchased at a basilmentos meetup.
  • She received both Lanie and Gabriela from American Girl for partnering with them to make a GOTY 2017 clue video.