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glasshandeddolls is an AGTube channel owned by Mary. She created her channel on March 5th, 2016, and has over 1,100 subscribers. She makes a variety of videos, but focuses mainly on AGSMs. She won the award for Best Stopmotions at the 2020 Sophie Awards.


  1. Carol Marissa Hopkins (MAG #39)
  2. Kailey June Hopkins (GOTY 2003)
  3. Nellie May O'Malley (Historical)
  4. Caroline Elizabeth Abbott (Historical)
  5. Emilia "Lea" Carmen Pérez (Renamed Lea)
  6. Ciara Amelia O'Malley (TM #61)
  7. Kanani Momi Akina (Custom GOTY 2011)
  8. Harper Lydia Blalocke (MAG #17)
  9. Penelope Evelyn Brooks (TM #67)
  10. Ivy Jade Ling (Historical)
  11. Luciana Maribel Vega (GOTY 2018)
  12. Chloe Brooke Evans (TM #27)
  13. Kalena Iolana Akina (Renamed Kanani)
  14. Marnie Rachel Moore (Custom Courtney)
  15. Celia Maren Lykke (MAG #22)
  16. Evie Lavender Reyes (TM #44)
  17. Lucas Isaac Abbott (Custom Marie Grace)
  18. Samantha Mary Parkington (35th Anniversary Historical)
  19. Talia Huệ-Lan Lê (Custom Nanea)
  20. Jamie Tyler Holland (Custom Ruthie)

Series & Events[]


DOLL DETECTIVES! (August 2, 2016 - August 14, 2016)

Twist Quest (August 4, 2019 - September 22, 2019)

AGTube History (July 7, 2021 - Present)

AGTube Events[]

The AGMusic Awards (June 2018 - July 2019)

The Ivy Awards (December 2020 - Present)

AGTube Nostalgia Week (April 2021 - Present)


Comforting Sounds (2018) (Mini-Movie)

An Unexpected Adventure (2020)

Back In Time (2021) (Mini-Movie)

The Final Project (2021)

AGTube Mashups[]

AGTube Mashup 2017

AGTube Mashup 2018

AGTube Mashup 2019





  • Her channel name is based on the album "And The Glass Handed Kites" by Mew.
  • She discovered AGTube in 2012 and cites AmericanGirl077 as her inspiration to start making AG videos.
  • She created a blog to post videos on in April 2013, which was in use (although posts were infrequent) up until 2018.
  • She has been making annual AGTube Mashups since 2017, and was inspired to do so because she loved AmericanGirl077's 2011 mashup when she was growing up.
  • On July 14, 2019, she changed her channel name from "AGMusicProductions" to "glasshandeddolls."
  • She was nominated to the top five for the Best Photography category in the 2019 Sophie Awards.
  • She was on AGNDM Cycle 4 with her doll Louisa.
  • She won third place on AGNDM Cycle 7 with her doll Kalena.
  • Her dolls Harper, Chloe, Celia, and Jamie have all been found at thrift stores.
  • She received Evie in a doll swap with emeraldsandamethyst on Instagram.
  • She met emeraldsandamethyst on August 3, 2021, and took photos and recorded a video with her.
  • She is very involved in her school choirs and loves to sing.
  • Her favorite band is Mew, and she listens to a variety of music, including shoegaze, pop punk, and indie rock.
  • She also likes k-pop, and is a fan of LOOΠΔ, TXT, and GFRIEND.