glasshandeddolls is an AGTube channel owned by Marina. She created her channel on March 5th, 2016, and has over 700 subscribers. She makes mainly AGSMs, AGMVs, and AGLVs.

Dolls Edit

  1. Carol Marissa Hopkins (MAG #39)
  2. Kailey June Hopkins (GOTY 2003)
  3. Caroline Elizabeth Abbott (Historical)
  4. Emilia "Lea" Carmen Pérez (Renamed Lea)
  5. Ciara Amelia O'Malley (TM #61)
  6. Kanani Momi Akina (Custom GOTY 2011)
  7. Harper Lydia Blalocke (Custom MAG #17)
  8. Penelope "Penny" Evelyn Brooks (TM #67)
  9. Ivy Jade Ling (Historical)
  10. Luciana Maribel Vega (GOTY 2018)
  11. Lucas Isaac Smithens (Custom Ruthie)
  12. Rebecca "Rory" Anya Rubin (Historical)
  13. Kalena Iolana Akina (Renamed Kanani)

Series & Awards Ceremonies Edit

Series Edit

DOLL DETECTIVES! (August 2, 2016 - August 14, 2016)

Twist Quest (August 4, 2019 - September 22, 2019)

Awards Ceremonies Edit

The AGMusic Awards (June 2018 - July 2019)

Movies Edit

Comforting Sounds (2018) (Mini-Movie)

An Unexpected Adventure (2020)

Trivia Edit

  • She was inspired by AmericanGirl077 to start making AG videos.
  • She discovered AGTube in 2012, and has been making videos since then; however, most of the videos she made before she created her channel were not uploaded.
  • She created a blog to post videos on in April 2013, which was in use (although posts were infrequent) up until 2018.
  • On July 14, 2019, she changed her channel name from "AGMusicProductions" to "glasshandeddolls."
  • She was nominated to the top five for the Best Photography category in the 2019 Sophie Awards.
  • She was on AGNDM Cycle 4 with her doll Louisa (who has since been renamed to Lucas).
  • She won the award for Best Stopmotions in the 2020 Sophie Awards.
  • She is currently on AGNDM Cycle 7 with her doll Kalena.
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