Got Game? is a series created by americangirlmegan11. Currently, there is one season with three episodes, but Megan plans to create both more episodes and more seasons. The first episode was posted in August 2019, and the most recent episode was posted in October 2019; the series is currently on hiatus until mid-to-late 2020. The series is planned to have 12 episodes per season, and was first written in 2018.


This series follows Gia Zuberi who is ecstatic to join her school's Varsity soccer team, only to find out the school had to cut the soccer program. Unable to join any other teams, she decides to take matters into her own hands and create her own team. But keeping the team a secret is the least of her problems: her unlikely team members are misfits who can't seem to stay out of trouble - from getting into fights, to hacking into the school and each member has their own baggage on and off the field. Will this "team" tear itself apart or will it be the one thing that means something?


Maya Gold as Gia Zuberi

Isaac as Isaac Baker

Lanie Holland as Ellie Wilbert

Saige Copeland as Charlie Ray

Rose Akina as Riza O'Connor

Carter Brown as Leo Henry

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