AGTube is a community on YouTube where people (known as "AGTubers") post videos of their American Girl Dolls. AGtubers consist of people of all ages, and are not only girls. Being a part of the AGTube community allows you to make videos with any American Girl doll you wish and upload them to YouTube.The AGTube community is generally very positive and supportive; AGTubers will often like and comment on each other's videos. One of the only cons is that many AGTubers leave when they find a different interest or they feel that they have lost interest in their dolls.

Early AGTube (2007 - 2008) Edit

No one knows the specifics of when AGTube came to be, however, some of the earliest traces date back to 2007. Many AGTubers consider xmollygirlx as the first AGTuber, but it is not certain that this is the case. The community was fairly small then, and live videos were more common.

Old AGTube (2009 - 2013) Edit

Many AGTubers consider this one of the best eras of AGTube, and refer to it as "Old AGTube." More people joined the community and made a variety of videos. The community was very supportive and many people made friends through this community. One of the first meetups was held during this time when girloftheyearstudios hosted one with AmericanGirl077 and AmericanGirl088.

Many of the most popular AGTubers today were inspired by older AGTubers. Most AGTube inspirations are from Old AGTube, although some AGTubers that began in Old AGTube were inspired by people from early AGTube.

New AGTube / NewGeneration (2014 - Present) Edit

2014 - 2015 Edit

This era of AGTube began when many of the Old AGtubers left. While some people thought AGTube was declining, many famous series and movies became popular at this time, including Aspen Heights and The Realm of Arragara.

2016 - Present Edit

Many refer to this as one of the lowest points as for content, thinking AGTube is "dead," or at least slowly dying off. Although this may be the case, there have been many attempts to revive AGTube, and many AGTubers joined during this time. Many series were created, and the longest AGSM movie was created during this time as well. Many of the remaining AGTubers from the peak of AGTube have left the site or are going off to college; however, many of the AGTubers in college are continuing to make videos as well, and some inactive AGTubers have considered returning.

During this time, live videos and opening videos have been growing in popularity, though AGSMs are still very popular. AGPSs have become less common, as many AGTubers choose to make Instagram accounts (AGIG) to post their photos on instead.