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Journey Through The Mind is a series created by SunsetTeaDolls. It has three season and was first released in 2017.


Main Characters

Belle Kaba as Meredith Floux

Dalia Elzalte as Fletcher xenox

Stevie Clark as Mazie Floux

Maya Matthews as Emmy Floux

Edith Emms as Xenox

Alissa Reed as Darla

Mira Evans as Clara

Millie Lowe-Tang as Daraya

Jaiden Luxe as Lula

Lily Radcliffe as Lindy Netgaab

Minor Characters

Margo Greene as Shayna Wisteria

Anya Rhode as Jade Alison Christopher as Liz Grant

Mira Evans as Frank

Jane Porter as Melinda Floux

Alex Vega as Esmerelda


Three full seasons.


JTTM was loosely based on Thomas Sanders' Sanders Sides.

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