Journey Through the Mind is a series created by SunsetTeaDolls. The first episode of the series was uploaded on July 20, 2017, and final episode was uploaded on January 31, 2018.

Plot Edit

The series follows Meredith Floux, a teenager who is leading a seemingly normal life. She wanders into her favorite park, looking for some alone time. She sits down, and falls ill. An old woman offers her tonic, and we get a shot of some liquid being poured inside. Meredith drinks it, and seems to faint. The story then cuts to Meredith in a hospital bed with what seems to be her family. It is then revealed that she is in a coma; through her coma, she has been transported into her mind.

Characters Edit

Meredith Floux

Maisie (Meredith's mother)

Selena Xenox

Fletcher Xenox









Trivia Edit

  • Cheyenne cites River from AG Darlings as the person who helped her most throughout the series; she says that they were there for most of the filming of every episode.
  • The series was inspired by Thomas Sanders' "Sanders Sides" series on YouTube.
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