Laughternoons is a fairly popular channel run by two girls, Jess and Lynne. They have over 6,975 subscribers and created their channel on April 16, 2013. They have 16 dolls total.

Dolls Edit

Ashton (Custom Boy Doll)

Brooklyn (Renamed Saige)

Jade (Renamed Rebecca)

Kaya (MAG 30)

Saturday Grace (Custom)

Erin (MAG 23)

Sarah (Custom Emily)

Kit (HIstorical)

April (Renamed Samantha)

Audrey Claire (Renamed Isabelle)

Nova (Custom Caroline)

Annabeth (MAG 13)

Maya (TM 58)

Jenna Catherine Parker (MAG 59)

Amber (Renamed Mia)

Cameron (Renamed Lindsey)

Trivia Edit

They made a movie called "Briar Towne" and sold the protagonist, Briar, afterwards.

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