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Lovelivautum is an AGTube channel owned by Valerie. She created her channel on July 18, 2012, and has over 3,600 subscribers. She started on AGTube making series and AGSMs, but shifted to more lifestyle and AGSM based content in 2015 and 2016. Also, around this time, she became more popular on Instagram for her photography. She has not been active on AGTube since 2018, but is more active on AGIG.


  1. Emma Adams (JLY #27)
  2. Elizabeth Cole (Historical)
  3. Kanani Akina (GOTY 2011)
  4. Eleanor (Renamed Grace)
  5. Amari (Renamed Caroline)
  6. Marcella (Renamed Lea)
  7. Rose (Renamed Marie Grace)
  8. Aaliya (TM #64)
  9. Jane Palmer (Renamed Isabelle)
  10. Alouette (Custom Caroline)
  11. Ben Wyatt (Custom Marie Grace)
  12. Eden (Custom TM #53)
  13. Ingrid (Custom Lea)
  14. Nadiya (Custom TM #62)
  15. Opal (Custom Samantha)
  16. Flora (Custom TM #61)
  17. Julia (MAG #38)
  18. Penna (TM #47)
  19. Kalani (TM #42)
  20. Zara (Custom)


  • She was invited to American Girl Headquarters in 2015, and some of her photos were featured in the AG catalog that summer.
  • She won the Sophie Award for Best Dressed in 2016.