MonChatDansLaLune is an AGTube channel owned by Charlotte. She created her channel on November 23, 2009, and had over 4,000 subscribers prior to her channel becoming inactive in 2014.

Dolls[edit | edit source]

  1. Taryn (Maplelea)
  2. Kit Kitteridge (Historical)
  3. Chrissa Maxwell (GOTY 2009)
  4. Sonali Matthews (GOTY 2009 Best Friend)
  5. Aisha (MAG #39)
  6. Bridget (Renamed Lanie)
  7. Maisie (Renamed Historical Felicity)
  8. George Harrison (Custom boy doll)
  9. Indie (MAG #16)

Series[edit | edit source]


I Wrote A Book

Impromptu Basement Band

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is from Canada.
  • The Beatles are her favorite band, and she named her boy doll after her favorite member, George Harrison.
  • She took down all of her videos sometime after she left AGTube.
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