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ParisWondersAG is an AGTube channel owned by Paris. She created her channel on November 13, 2013, and has over 5,700 subscribers. She makes a variety of videos including opening videos, AGMVs and AGSMs.


  1. Caroline Alice Abbot (Historical)
  2. Kaya Hannah Colemen (Historical)
  3. Isabelle Zoe Palmer (GOTY 2014)
  4. Molly Erin McIntyre (Historical)
  5. Natalie Marie Grander (Historical)
  6. Ella Grace Thomas (GOTY 2015)
  7. Piper Cassidy Smith (TM 21)
  8. Aspen Mara Joseph (MAG 29)
  9. Luna Marisol Berlin (GOTY 2005)
  10. Adalyn-Hope Lillian Gray (Custom MAG 43)
  11. Ginna Kitty Lindon (TM 67)
  12. Azara Esmay Rolland (Custom MAG 28)
  13. Ivory Ann Wilson (Renamed Blaire)
  14. Chrissa Daniella Maxwell (GOTY 2009)
  15. Thomas Peter Holland (Custom Rebecca)
  16. Elliot Lee Morales (Custom 27)
  17. Viola Alette Flemings (Custom GOTY 2007)
  18. Billie Oaklen O'Connell (Custom Marie-Grace)
  19. Caspian Elias Hadock (Custom Elizabeth boy doll)

AG Pets[]

Bottlewottle (Piper's goat)

Henry (French bulldog)


  • She appeared on AGNDM twice. She was on Cycle 1 with her doll Natalie and made it to the top 3, then was on Cycle 4 with her doll Thomas.
  • She has a cat.